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Hebrew Classes for Children
A private Jewish day school is always the best way to expose your children to Hebrew classes in Toronto. With classes beginning as early as junior kindergarten, it is possible to ensure your child receives a solid foundation of Judaism teachings integrated with general education curriculum. Many families begin looking for a private Jewish school for their children when they are as young as two or three years old.
Hebrew classes are an important part of a Jewish child's education and work to form the basis for the child to grow into a responsible steward of Judaism. The values and traditions that are presented at an early age will serve the child as they synthesize their Jewish traditions with their own unique personal values. This will act as a foundation for the child as they grow into a sensitive and respectful adult and help instill these values on the next generation.
It is important that the Hebrew classes present the traditions, prayers and testaments in a way that promotes a deeper understanding to the student. The warm and welcoming environment is a place where questions and critical thought about the information and beliefs is encouraged.
Nurturing Creative and Critical Thinking
Traditional teaching methods have a tendency to stifle a child's natural inclination toward creative thinking. Students are expected to learn material and answer questions on the material, leaving little room for creative alternatives. Creative thinking is now being identified as a skill that helps children and adults with all aspects of academics and life. Schools that recognize the importance of encouraging creative and critical thinking are employing new types of learning methods. These methods promote a student's ability to solve problems creatively and help to develop these skills to their full potential as the student grows into an adult.
The dedication to preserving creative thinking should be evident with the curriculum presented to the students. This should involve a mixture of Judaic teachings as well as general curriculum subjects. This integration results in students that are well equipped with academic knowledge and a strong Jewish foundation that will help ensure continued success in the chosen career and life.
A top private Jewish day school is the best way for parents with conservative Jewish values to ensure their children receive all of the Judaic and educational tools necessary to reach their full potential.
Choosing the Best Jewish Day School
When considering potential Hebrew day schools in Toronto it is important to find a school with a warm and welcoming environment. A family environment that places an emphasis on creating personalized experiences will provide the best learning environment for eager young minds.
Art is an important part of Jewish heritage and the best schools will offer strong art programs for students. There should also be a dedication to promoting physical activity through intramural sports and other activities.
Location is a major influence in what school to choose for your child. A school with a campus located within walking distance to the predominantly Jewish Toronto neighbourhoods (such as the Bathurst/Eglinton area) often has a geographical advantage over competitors.
Ensure your child grows up with the conservative Jewish values you hold dear while receiving the best education available. Enroll your child in Hebrew classes at a Jewish Day School in Toronto today.
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Jewish Day School?

Bathurst Campus
1700 Bathurst Street,
Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
P: 416.781.5658
F: 416.787.9632
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Bathurst Campus Location:
1700 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
P: 416.781.5658,   F: 416.787.9632